Quick, LLC hopes the iQuickIt Saliva Analyzer will revolutionize the field of diabetes care.

Posted by Jessie Sawyer (Editor) , November 20, 2013 at 03:36 PM

A Farmington company has developed a product that could offer an alternative way for diabetes patients to check the glucose levels in their blood.

Dr David Mucci, of Farmington, and Dr Ron Clark are local emergency physicians who developed and tested Farmington-based Quick LLC’s iQuickIt Saliva Analyzer. The device aims to provide another way to monitor glucose levels besides drawing blood from finger pricking.

In late October, developers for the privately owned biomedical technology company’s invention “launched a crowdfunding campaign on indiegogo.com, a worldwide online funding platform,” according to a press release.

“The iQuickIt Saliva Analyzer provides a painless, non-invasive daily solution for people with diabetes to check blood glucose levels using saliva instead of traditional finger stick blood tests,” the release states.”The crowdfunding campaign (also available to view at www.iQuickIt.com) allows people worldwide to make contributions that will support the iQuickIt Saliva Analyzer through the next stages of engineering refinement and clinical testing.”

There are 371 million people worldwide with diabetes and the developers aim to provide “a more accessible and convenient method to monitor blood glucose levels,” with the iQuickIt Saliva Analyzer.

The device is patent-pending.

“In addition to providing a simpler testing method, the iQuickIt Saliva Analyzer will provide real-time test result sharing to smart devices for convenient monitoring by parents, care-givers and medical professionals,” the release stated.

“Frequent blood glucose monitoring is imperative for proper diabetes care. We’ve seen our patients and our loved ones with diabetes struggle with practical difficulties of testing their blood sugar 5, 6 or more times a day,” Mucci said. “Our technology makes testing glucose levels convenient and pain-free, which allows for better access to higher-quality diabetes care and management worldwide.”

Dr. William A. Petit Jr., who specializes in diabetes, is a part of the Quick,LLC’s medical team along with emergency physicians.

“The iQuickIt Saliva Analyzer will be a game-changer for diabetes management,” said J. Scott Fox, a Farmington resident and president and CEO of Quick, LLC.  “This device is our passion and our vision.  We are privately owned and closely held and want to maintain control to ensure that we reach the goal of bringing the product through FDA testing and to the consumer market as quickly as possible.”

The crowdfunding campaign will run through Dec. 18 on indiegogo.com. Donors will be  listed on Quick’s website, www.iQuickItSalivaAnalyzer.com, and “receive gratitude gifts as well as customized ‘Thank You’ recognition on shareable videos featuring supporter photos and messages,” according to the release.

For more information, visit www.iQuickIt.com or follow the organization on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/QuickLLC.

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