People with diabetes need to test blood sugar up to six times a day. But now, testing doesn’t have to be a painful, annoying interruption. The iQuickIt Saliva Analyzer measures saliva captured on the Draw Wick in moments.


The proven and reliable scientific correlation between saliva and glucose levels will make finger pricks a thing of the past. Non-invasive, accurate testing makes glucose monitoring accessible to the millions who need it.


Getting saliva samples is a simple process. The Draw Wick is just placed inside the mouth for a few moments and then placed in the iQuickIt Saliva Analyzer for testing: no mess, no fuss and NO PAIN!

Over 350 million people worldwide have diabetes

The iQuickIt Saliva Analyzer provides a painless, non-invasive daily solution for people with diabetes to check glucose levels. Frequent glucose monitoring is imperative for proper diabetes care, the iQuickIt Saliva Analyzer will empower people with diabetes to test as needed through the day without interruption or discomfort. The portable monitoring solution will provide real-time test result sharing to smart devices for convenient monitoring by parents, care-givers and medical professionals.


I’ve been using a few different machines for several years. They’re painful. I can’t wait for a machine that lets me test without pain.
Rafat, age 69
I’ve gotten tired of sticking my fingers 4, 5, 6 times a day. The iQuickIt is exciting…for all diabetics.
Ron, age 69
Quite frankly, I can’t be more excited for this…it’s a game changer in health options for diabetics like me.
Chris, age 44
It’s easy to carry, I can test anywhere AND it’s much less painful!
Ty'rek, age 17
I’ve used many different kinds of finger sticks, but I’m not happy because it hurts…I hope the iQuickIt gets to market soon!
Abe, age 85